JOHN: the temple

JOHN: the temple

The gospel of Jesus according to John

John 2:13-25: The Temple

Jesus enters the temple and changes it. He removes the commerce that is going on so that it can be a place of connecting and seeking and coming near to His Father. Jesus then teaches that He is here to change everything. He is God present where people can come near to God and Jesus will be the way for God to be with us.

Teacher: Dr. Bruce Dykstra

The old temple:
The garden of Eden: God’s presence [Genesis 2] Moses’ tabernacle: God’s presence [Exodus 33:7-11] Solomon’s temple: God’s presence [1 Kings 8:10-11] Temple after the exile: no presence of God [Ezra/Nehemiah] Herod the Great’s temple: no presence of God

The inside of the old temple

The cleansing of the old temple

The “new” temple

The inside of the “new” temple

The cleansing of the “new” temple


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