JOHN: the rabbi

JOHN: the rabbi

The gospel of Jesus according to John

John 3:1-36: The Rabbi

In this teaching, we continue our study of John. Nicodemus, the teacher of Israel’s teachers, comes to visit with Jesus. During this conversation, Jesus teaches that salvation and teaching and kingdom growth comes from above.

Teacher: Dr. Bruce Dykstra

Nicodemus’ journey:
John 3:1-21: Nicodemus asking who Jesus is.
John 7:50-52: Nicodemus asking what Jesus is doing.
John 19:38-42: Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea burying Jesus.

is part of the religious leadership, a member of the ruling council.
comes at night: the dark searching for the light
connects Jesus to God: “…you are from God!”

“born again”
born again or from above [vs. 3] born of water & spirit [vs. 5] born of the Spirit [vs. 8] something of God is happening.

Old Testament story:
Ezekiel 36:25-29a
Numbers 21:6-9

John’s reflection
God Loves
God Gives
God’s Gift of Love is Jesus

John the Baptist’s testimony
Jesus brings salvation and being born from above
Jesus baptizes with the Spirit!


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