Discipleship Opportunities

Discipleship Opportunities

1. Disciple Partnerships
Our basic discipleship opportunity is a one-on-one partnership. You meet with a discipler and “walk” through the gospel centered life curriculum together. You will be prayed for and prayed with throughout your time together. You will study the Bible and be challenged to live it out during the time between sessions. You will have an on going conversation about being a disciple.

2. Disciple Groups
If one-on-one is intimidating, gather one, two or three other people to walk with a discipler through the gospel centered life curriculum. This is ideal for teenagers, a family or a group of friends who want to go deeper and wider in their journey with Jesus.

3. Be A Discipler
Want to disciple someone? A three session training is offered for those who have completed a discipleship relationship. The training will evaluate and prepare a person to disciple another.

4. Scriptural Teaching for A New Disciple
STAND is a six session class about helping people declare their trust in Jesus towards baptism or profession of faith.

5. “I’M IN!”
Launch 101 is our membership class, which is a three session class that helps people connect with the community and mission of The River Community Church.


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