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The River Community Church

Our History

The River Community Church is a church plant started with the help of Christian Reformed Home Missions and area Christian Reformed Churches.

What we are praying for…we are asking God to grow us into a community of faith that celebrates God, cultivates a faith that follows Jesus, is commissioned to help others follow Him and cooperates with others to make a difference in our community and world.

What we are about…The River Community Church is about helping people discover and strengthen their journey with Jesus.

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“church”? Is church relevant?

The River Community Church believes it is. The people gathering at The River are on a journey to discover what following Jesus looks like today. This journey is making a difference in our personal lives and the life we live together.

Does a spiritual faith centered in Jesus makes sense? 

We see this kind of faith impacting our everyday life in real ways – joy, reconciliation, healing & love for each other. We are striving to be a real church that reflects what we see lived out in the story of Jesus. We are experiencing real community as we live in each other’s lives through prayer, helping, gathering and laughing. We invite you to try church again for the first time!

The River Community Church?

The River started seven years ago with six families being sent out from Pleasant Street Christian Reformed Church of Whitinsville to start a different expression of the Christian church. During these seven years, we have discovered more about the good news of Jesus. This good news is about Jesus living a real life, dying on the cross and leaving the grave alive. This brings forgiveness, healing, grace and an incredible life-giving opportunity to live and share.

We have experienced personal and community growth that enables us to live our lives better. We focus on building discipleship relationships in 1-on-1, 1-on-2 or 1-on-3 situations to intentionally study, apply and mentor the teachings of Jesus.

The River has moved into its first permanent location in Douglas. We are privileged and blessed to have a space to call “home.”

Our Beliefs

The River Community Church is devoted to joining with God in the restoration of all creation. We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God, containing the words of His people through whom he spoke many years ago; these words speak to us today with the same authority.

God calls us to immerse ourselves in His Word and to faithfully live out His story today as we are led by the Holy Spirit. God, the author of all things good, created humans in his image to live in fellowship with Him, others, our inner selves, and all creation.

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Our Vision


The River Community Church is about helping people
discover and strengthen their journey with Jesus.

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